Leadership is all about doing the right things, and management is about doing things right!

Do you want to encourage extraordinary performance from your team? Do you want them to achieve great things? It’s no secret that in the automotive industry selling has changed in recent years. This is an exciting and dynamic time for dealerships to embrace a new paradigm. Everybody is always selling something. Sadly, however, few people do all that they can to delight existing customers and still attract new ones. Taught by TODD HUDAK and his team of highly trained professionals, with decades of experience, our products and services are designed to help salespeople in the automotive industry improve their abilities to build relationships, increase conversions, retain customers, and proactively seek out new opportunities.

HC University Virtual Training Academy: Phone Sales Training 101-404

In this day of information, information, information… the telephone is a useful tool for connecting with a personal approach. Its effective use can radically increase anyone’s sales success. Too often salespeople complain about being stressed out, overworked and unable to find extra hours in the day. Some are so busy working in their business that they don’t have time to work on their business. HC University: Phone Sales Training 101-404 is not just about taking action, but has more to do with choosing the right actions to improve sales results immediately. We’ve created a REPEATABLE and “STICKY” program that will take you and your team to new heights! CLICK HERE to learn more about HC VTA.

• 24/7 All-Access to the system
• Build a pre-certified, highly-trained, tracked, monitored & measured sales force that has the knowledge to affect productivity in the work place
• Contact us for a 72 hour demo with fully-granted access to the entire platform – this trial is a stand alone offer

Sales & Service BDC Installation & Training

HC offers the benefit of on-site training and consulting products and services, which creates an atmosphere of learning in a controlled environment. Extensive benchmarking has proven that dealers with successful BDC’s can directly increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and grow market share.

Experience has taught us that dealers rely heavily on the “seen” opportunities associated with fresh traffic from the phone, over the Internet, and in the showroom. HC empowers our dealers to accept the challenge to become a proactive dealership with an inter-departmental BDC committed to variable and fixed operations. Large amounts of “unseen” opportunities reside in DMS/CRM database systems and are more often neglected or mismanaged.


  • Understand a Business Reaction Center (BRC) versus a BDC
  • Plan, create, develop and/or maintain a cost-effective BDC
  • Competently handle calls with HC word tracks & effective scripting
  • Reach your full potential in converting reactive opportunities to sales
  • Mine your database effectively and “thank” your customers regularly

Management Training

Inspect what you expect. Duplicate the “above average” behavior of HC trained sales professionals by guiding their productivity through the process-driven checkpoints of your road-to-the-sale. In effect, create MORE “above average” sales professionals.


  • Learn advanced closing techniques, and T.O. best practices through live active role-playing and pro-seminars
  • Enroll in our “Motivation as a Mentality” classes to share real coaching tips for sales managers working in today’s automotive industry
  • Use effective goal setting tools and one-on-one accountability systems

CRM Consulting Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) philosophy and e-CRM tools are representative of your processes and in-house culture. Let us help make you more effective.

• Establish a dealer CRM champion
• Incorporate email templates
• Add in phone scripts
• Build matrixes & follow up schedules
• Create processes, checkpoints and accountability systems



Focused Coaching Sessions

Motivate and coach your team regularly; stay positive and use (first) the carrot and (second) the stick to protect your processes and re-enforce desired behavior. Our LIVE consultants will communicate with your team members on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We coach Sales and Service BDC representatives, salespeople, sales managers and general managers. Celebrate the small accomplishments (WINS V. LOSSES)!

Industry Leading World-Class Materials

• Elite Phone Sales Training Workbooks
• Service & Sales BDC Start-up Manuals
• Management Process & Coaching Manuals
• Professional Sales Training Workbooks
• Laminated Scripting & Word Track Booklets

Professional Sales Training

On a fundamental level, we aim to change the behavior of the sales team. Consistency is key to holding sales professionals accountable. Motivate your team to know how to overcome good questions and objections from customers to build value in the products you sell.

• Complete process modules provide checkpoints in your road-to-the-sale
• Practice, drill and rehearse word tracks for overcoming customer’s good questions and objections
• Enroll in our “Focus on the Seller (YOU)” classes to share coaching tips with salespeople working in the automotive industry today.



Reports, Tracking & Trend Analysis

Set minimum standards and measure your success with Hudak Consulting’s daily, weekly, and MTD tracking tools. It is important to drive the numbers… don’t justify them. Watch, listen and react to situations with urgency and confidence.

  • BDC, Sales & Service Productivity Reports
  • Appointment Performance Reports
  • Internet ROI Reports
  • Daily Production Reviews (DPR)
  • 90-Day Goal Setting Reports, and more!

Mystery Shop Programs

Allow us to inspect what we expect! Reactive phone ups and incoming eLeads are tracked over 45 days. Scores are based on the process and content. All calls and correspondence are tracked, logged by an HC Coach and scored by a National Trainer for accountability review.

Personality Pro-Seminars & Motivational Workshops

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